Android Motorola phones policy

As a previous HTC Dream owner I have been quite sad with my Motorola Backflip in the past few months. I couldn’t upgrade it to unofficial roms, I couldn’t run root software, my bootloader was constrained to run only specific signed roms probably by using IBM eFuse and last but not least Motorola announced that it didn’t have any intention to provide an upgrade to Android 2.X for the Backflip in Europe. It’s 2010 and I am confined to a device running an Android version older than the version that my 2 years old HTC Dream did run.

As I really liked the policy from Samsung to release their complete OS sources for their android phones and I really liked the design of the Galaxy S, my next phone will probably be a Samsung. In the mean time I’m finally happy to discover that someone got a working root on the Motorola Backflip and having tested it myself I can say that it actually works.

I can only hope that someone will also be able to find a way to produce backed roms for the Backflip providing and unofficial upgrade to 2.x as Motorola left me alone with my plain old Android 1.5