New review coming – MySQL for Python

Packt Publishing kindly gave us more books to review MySQL for Python, we had our share of experience binding python and mysql together in pyhp and we are using it on most of our infrastructure, albeit usually through SQLAlchemy. Puria will probably enjoy it since he does like most thin-layer/no-layer approaches and this book seems good to learn how to interface quite directly to mysql.

Python 3 Object Oriented Programming

Python 3 Object Oriented Programming had been reviewed already by a number of people in the python community and I’m lucky to have been given the occasion to read it as well. As most of the other reviewers I say that the book is pleasant, it’s easy to follow and crystal clear. It gives a good overview of everything you have to expect from python. The book is composed of 12 chapters The first 5 introduce the reader to basic concepts related to object oriented programming like Objects and Classes, Exceptions and Inheritance: Object-oriented Design, Objects in Python, When Objects are Alike, Expecting the Unexpected, When to Use Object-oriented Programming The next 2 delve into more python specific features and […]