ACR Slice Preview support, remote disk, Comment and File views.

Latest version of ACR, our opensource cms for turbogears, got some new interesting features: Now each view can have a “preview mode” which shows a minimized version of the slice to which is binded. For example you can show in your home page a short version of a news linking to the complete one, or you can show the thumbnail of an image and link to the full version. This can be quite useful in some situations and can be triggered by setting preview=1 inside a slice group. Each slice inside the group will render in preview mode. Also the Remote Disk feature has been implemented and can be accessed as /rdisk. Inside this file manager you will be able […]

Quick fix for ToscaWidget 0.9.6 bug with ListForm

There is a little bug in ToscaWidget 0.9.6 when creating a form with a ListForm. The solution can be to use a TableForm or to fix the ListForm itself. The problem is inside the genshi template for the ListForm and can be fixed by changing tw.forms-0.9.6-py2.5.egg/tw/forms/templates/list_form.html in each line where there is a call to field.display(value_for(field), **args_for(field)) this must be surrounded with XML(…) so that the result from field.display won’t be escaped by genshi. This should fix the problem when you see the XML code instead of the form itself inside your web page.

(Val)grinding your code

One of of the most exoteric tool when working on software projects that developers should be using more often than they do, is certainly Valgrind. It’s a multi-faced tool: timing profiler, memory profiler, race conditions detector, … it can do all this because it’s mainly a simulated CPU, which executes the code, keeping track of what happens, and replacing some basic functions like the allocation routines. So this works pretty well, to a point; unfortunately it does not always work out that well because there are a few minor issues: it needs to know about all the instructions used in the programs (otherwise it raises SIGILL crashes), and right now it does not know about SSE4 on x86 and x86-64 […]

ACR TurboGears2 CMS

We recently developed a CMF as a base for some sites for some of our client, facing the fact that actually there are really few CMS and CMF developed in turbogears we decided to release it opensource so that it can be useful to other people. ACR (Advanced Content Repository) it is more a developer oriented CMS than an end-user oriented one, we actually used it already as the base for 3 of our sites currently under development and we found the content-slice-view separation quite powerful, but also quite hard for our users to face with. This can be worked around by implementing alternative administration tools specific for the site domain, but ACR also has a few quick tools like […]