PyHP now supports multiple headers

SVN revision 24 of PyHP now supports multiple headers! This broke code that iterates over the old headers_in dictionary because now every value inside headers_in is a list instead of a string. On the other side code writing inside headers_out should continue to work because it is possible to insert both a string or a list inside headers_out dictionary to set only one header or multiple headers. You can try it from here:

Remember to sync (or what the heck is that RAW C: partition on my Windows on mac?)

Our current computers use MBR to store the table of primary partitions. MBR for convention allows only 4 primary partitions and then uses Logical Partitions inside Extended Boot Records for the successive. Instead Apple computers use the new Extensible Firmware Interface with the GUID Partition Table to describe disk partitions permitting any number of primary partitions to be allocated. MacOSX uses the GPT partition table while Windows expects to find the MBR one (Actually Windows for Itanium can boot from GPT, but that is not what you are usually installing on your desktop). Fortunately the EFI keeps a “fake” MBR table for backward compatibility and that is why we can install Windows on our MacIntel. But what happens when we […]

PyHP improvements

New features in PyHP this week on the SVN version it is now possible to set sessions timeout with PyHPSessionTimeout config variable The Result object from the Database Layer is now iterable and will work as performing multiple .fetch() calls pyhp.status is now exposed to return a status code different from HTTP_OK (200) pyhp.content_type is now exposed to permit serving images and files different from text/html Also some performance tests has been performed on mod_pyhp in production mode and the results are here available: Time taken for tests:   1.419409 seconds Complete requests:      500 Failed requests:        0 Write errors:           0 Non-2xx responses:      500 (hello_world.pyhp returns 500 on last pyhp) Total transferred:      1558000 bytes HTML transferred:       1344000 bytes Requests per second:    352.26 […]

The misunderstood one

I’m a usual follower of C++ related blogs and newsgroups and still I’m impressed how much this language is misunderstood after 10 years of a precise standard. I’m actually starting to ponder if we are ready for C++0x while a lot of people yet misunderstand C++98 and C++03. I often end up discussing with my colleagues about the fact that they prefer a less powerful, but more reliable and less obscure language like C. I know that C++ isn’t one of the easiest languages to master correctly and I also know that it has some problems about compilers often changing their behaviour and with slow templates compilation time. All things that C++0x is trying to make easier or faster with […]