TurboGears future performances comparison

Recently I decided to give a quick benchmark for curiosity to the going to be branches of TurboGears2.

I quickstarted a simple genshi based application (plain turbogears2 quckstart) and then I created a plain controller method without template, to avoid counting the template generation overhead.

The application has been installed in three virtual environments: one with TG2.1.4, one with the development branch which is going to be TG2.2 and one with the development branch which is going to be TG2.3

The following graph reports the resulting requests/second that my pc has been able to serve on each turbogears version.

I have to admit that I’m quite happy with the results, the grow is steady and TG2.3 seems to be three times faster than the current turbogears while still being backward compatible (The benchmark application has been quickstarted with TG2.1.4 and ran without issues on all the three environments)

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