ACRcms 0.3.5 released with libacr 0.7

New features introduced are:

  • Assets manager, Upload your videos and images using the Asset manager instead of the RDisk if you want to create slices from them. Assets manager will also create thumbnails for everything and will convert the videos to support HTML5
  • BlogPost view (an HTML view with a title)
  • Attributes for Pages and Slices
  • Hide Pages from menu with hidden=1 attribute
  • Reorder Pages in menu menu-weight attribute
  • Add metatag description to pages with description attribute
  • Automatic Database migrations, never care about changes to the schema when you upgrade acr again, it will be automatically upgraded by acr itself on first visit
  • Hide edit bars in edit mode to view the slice as a standard visitor
  • Abstraction layer for encoding data, now each view encodes using EncodedView, so that it will be possible to switch to any key/value encoding or store in the future