Remember me in Turbogears2

One of the problems with TG2 is that the current version doesn’t support a “standard” way to remember the user after he closes the browser. We have been able to find a quick and dirty solution that we like to share here. Keep in mind that this solution only works with recent versions of repoze.who, this works with TG2.0.3, but might not work with previous releases of TG2.

Inside the login.html we set a cookie for the remember_me option to pass it to the controller and then inside the post_login we change the cookie.

Supposing you have a #remember_me checkbox inside your login.html you can add this to set the cookie:

    function set_remember_cookie() {
        is_checked = jQuery('#remember_me:checked').length;
        if (is_checked)
            document.cookie = 'remember_me=1';
            document.cookie = 'remember_me=0';

    jQuery(document).ready(function() {

Then inside your post_login method in the root controller you can place:

        remember_me = request.cookies.get('remember_me', 0)
            remember_me = int(remember_me)
            remember_me = 0

        if remember_me:
            request.identity['max_age'] = 2252000 # 30 days
            request.identity['userdata']= "max_age" # force cookie refresh

This would remember the user for 30 days even if he closes the browser.

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