ACR Slice Preview support, remote disk, Comment and File views.

Latest version of ACR, our opensource cms for turbogears, got some new interesting features:

Now each view can have a “preview mode” which shows a minimized version of the slice to which is binded. For example you can show in your home page a short version of a news linking to the complete one, or you can show the thumbnail of an image and link to the full version. This can be quite useful in some situations and can be triggered by setting preview=1 inside a slice group. Each slice inside the group will render in preview mode.

Also the Remote Disk feature has been implemented and can be accessed as /rdisk. Inside this file manager you will be able to upload any file which can be referred and used inside you web page. The File View itself has been implemented to permit to quickly link to files and serve them, it will show images or videos or it will provide a link to download files of unknown types.

Also cloned from our iJamix project now ACR has a Comment view, which permits to insert a comments thread inside any page.

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