ACR TurboGears2 CMS

We recently developed a CMF as a base for some sites for some of our client, facing the fact that actually there are really few CMS and CMF developed in turbogears we decided to release it opensource so that it can be useful to other people.

ACR (Advanced Content Repository) it is more a developer oriented CMS than an end-user oriented one, we actually used it already as the base for 3 of our sites currently under development and we found the content-slice-view separation quite powerful, but also quite hard for our users to face with. This can be worked around by implementing alternative administration tools specific for the site domain, but ACR also has a few quick tools like HTML Node editor and HTML content editor built inside which might suffice in most cases.

ACR is free software under GPL license and If you want to give it a try you can find it as usual on labs at

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