Force tw.jquery to include jquery for you and avoid double inclusion if you are using a jquery widget

One big problem when facing ToscaWidgets is when you have to use widgets that use javascript libraries and you are already importing them for your own use.

That usually ends up in a double import of the javascript library that in the best case is useless and in the worst one breaks everything. Looking around inside ToscaWidgets documentation you can end up finding that each Resource has an inject method that inserts the resource inside your template. As JSLink is a subclass of tw.api.Resource you can end up injecting the needed <script> tag inside your template and this will let ToscaWidgets know that you have already imported that javascript file.

For example if you are using tw.jquery to let ToscaWidgets know that you need jquery you can put a tw.jquery.jquery_js.inject() call inside the controller method that will require to render the template that uses jquery. If you need jquery on each page you can simply put it inside the __call__ method of your BaseController class (it is declared inside lib/

This is useful to include the same version of jQuery that tw.jquery will use, but even more it is useful to prevent tw.jquery to include jQuery again if you are already using the library for something different from a ToscaWidgets widget

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