LSCube Flux 1.0 Released

After a few months of work and tests the LSCube project released the first component of the imminent rewrite for the ESOF 2010 event.

The component is Flux, it is the RTP Mixer/Stream manipulator of the project. It has born to replace the old felix tool which was the core tool to perform live streaming injecting packets inside the feng server. Now Flux for the first release has the same features of felix and aims to implement more complete and powerful packets manipulation like transcoding, overlaying and mixing.

Also Flux has a more clean and easy to understand architecture making possible for anyone to implement new IO Classes or Parser in an easy and clean manner.

PyHP Sessions support improvements

Good news for PyHP. Latest SVN version got a few bug fixes and a big session management improvement. Now session collision is handled in a more coherent way, it’s a major improvement and I suggest to everyone using it to upgrade to svn revision. Also a few fixes have been implemented to catch programming errors by the developer that caused PyHP to crash making it more stable.